Welcome to my professional multimedia portfolio!

I am currently working as the statehouse reporter for West Virginia Public Broadcasting in Charleston, W.Va., a position I took over in the fall of 2012. I cover the inner workings of the statehouse on a daily basis for radio and the web, which can include stories about anything from politics to policy, healthcare to education.

During the state’s legislative session, I become the Senate reporter for our nightly television program The Legislature Today. I also serve as the Friday evening host, conducting round-table discussions with fellow journalists.

After the January 9, 2014, chemical spill into the Elk River in Charleston, I appeared on national television and radio shows reporting on the spill and the aftermath. Appearances included NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered, PBS’s The NewsHour, WBUR’s Here & Now and KCRW’s To the Point. 

This page contains my work from West Virginia Public Broadcasting, my previous positions at ABC News and WDTV, and West Virginia University.