Welcome to my professional multimedia portfolio!

I am currently working as the assistant news director at West Virginia Public Broadcasting in Charleston, W.Va. My job is to oversee the work of our staff of reporters and produce our daily news magazine show for radio, of which I also serve as the fill in host.

On top of being the assistant news director, I also single-handedly produce and host a weekly, hour long talk show called Viewpoint. The show is focused on the upcoming mid-term elections and has me interviewing candidates, analysts and journalists live on the air.

I have served as West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s statehouse reporter since the fall of 2012. In that role, I cover the inner workings of the statehouse on a daily basis for radio and the web, which can include stories about anything from politics to policy, healthcare to education.

During the state’s legislative session, I become the Senate reporter for our nightly television program The Legislature Today. In previous years, I also served as the Friday evening host, originating a segment during which I lead a round-table of fellow journalists to discuss the week’s top stories. In 2015, I will serve not just in these roles, but also become the full time anchor of the program.

After the January 9, 2014, chemical spill into the Elk River in Charleston, I appeared on national television and radio shows reporting on the spill and the aftermath. Appearances included NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered, PBS’s The NewsHour, WBUR’s Here & Now and KCRW’s To the Point. 

This page contains my work from West Virginia Public Broadcasting, my previous positions at ABC News, Good Morning America, WDTV and West Virginia University.